Product Description

Neth 3D is a phone accessory that comes as a simple phone cover with "Super Powers". Thus, the best phone cover available in the current juncture. The phone cover inherits the "Super Powers" from the two 3D camera modules, which would be fixed to the back of the phone and the 3D screen, which would lay over the normal screen of the smart phone. Neth 3D will not be complete of its Powers without the "App"; the DNA that connects and synchronizes the functionality of Neth 3D. Which needs to be downloaded from any app store.


Mobile Device Covers with 3D Stereo Camera*

Mobile Device Cover with Stereo Camera System
- Communicate with your device via WiFi
- Allows you to record stereoscopic (3D) HD videos
- Allows you to take stereoscopic (3D) still images
Our Neth 3D product facilitates the user to preview/record real-time events in 3D
Designs compatible for iPhone 6, 6Plus, 6s, 6s Plus Samsung galaxy note 5, galaxy S6 and many more

* Patents pending