With the NETH3D technology on your phone, you can take pictures and videos in pop-out 3D! Taking pictures in 3D has become much easier with NETH3D.

Live 3D capture

Play 3D anywhere

Bring 2D world to 3D

3D Gaming experience

Say Bye-Bye to the 3D Glasses


See 3D images and videos without using 3D glasses with NETH3D patented technology. NETH3D screen supports both depth 3D and pop-out 3D effects. It is powered by micro and nano system technologies.

Triple Protected 3D Enabled Designer Phone Cover



NETH3D unveils a game-changing mobile 3D upgrade kit for iPhone and iPad, with a protective designer case. It gives you the magical experience of viewing 2D/3D content in pop-out 3D with your IPhone or IPad. The NETH3D designer case with 3D screen is designed in USA and available in 3DBlack, 3DSpace Gray, 3DSilver, 3DRose Gold and 3DGold.

◉ NETH3D INFINITI kit includes an add-on 3D screen and a high-end designer mobile device protector case, which when used on the mobile device, multimedia content can be viewed in pop-out real 3D.
◉ NETH3D INFINITI kit can be used by students, architects, real estate agents, e-commerce customers and many other professionals for 3D visualization of highly complex 3D objects & structures such as complex machines, rocket engines, buildings, chemical compounds, biological systems, artistic creations, real estate, etc.
◉ The technology used in NETH3D INFINITI has worldwide patent protection.

No Headset or Glass Required

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