With the NETH3D technology on your phone, you can take pictures and videos in pop-out 3D! Taking pictures in 3D has become much easier with NETH3D.

Live 3D capture

Play 3D anywhere

Bring 2D world to 3D

3D Gaming experience

NETH3D unveils a game-changing mobile 3D upgrade kit for iPhone and iPad, with a protective designer case. It gives you the magical experience of viewing 2D/3D content in pop-out 3D with your IPhone or IPad. The NETH3D designer case with 3D screen is designed in USA and available in 3DBlack, 3DSpace Gray, 3DSilver, 3DRose Gold and 3DGold.

Say Bye-Bye to the 3D Glasses


See 3D images and videos without using 3D glasses. Our 3D screen supports both depth 3D and pop-out 3D effects. 3D screen powered by micro and nano system technologies.

No Headset or Glass Required

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