About Us

We provide Amazing 3D Solutions

Neth3D are a team of highly skilled scientists and engineers who have succeeded in bringing a wide range of new products to consumers. All of their product launches are first-of-their-kind in the market. 3D content is something that has mesmerized consumers throughout history but has not yet successfully been realized.

The world has seen many so-called "3D content-capturing devices" in the recent past. Most of them drain battery life and require painstaking amounts of time for the post-capture development to 3D.

The skilled team at Neth3D has put a complete stop to all of the above. We have come up with a truly ground-breaking technology for real-time photography and videography viewing in 3D, coupled with very low power usage. This amazing achievement is now available to the world on multiple tech devices.

We at Neth3D invite all of you to avail yourselves of our ground-breaking technology and the most innovative mobile cases.