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Neth3D Video Player


The Neth3D Player can play any video with real 3D effects. All the ordinary recorded videos and processed side-by-side videos can be played with real pop-out and visible depth 3D effects. The app has connected with YouTube, which unveils tons of videos to view in 3D with few clicks.

Neth3D Camera

The Neth3D Camera app offers the most convenient Live 3D preview available for the mobile devices. Both front and back cameras can view in 3D. 3D selfies can be taken with face recognition feature. Furthermore, 3D videos can be recorded, and 3D images can be captured for later viewing and sharing.

Neth3D Photo Gallery


The Neth3D Gallery App can turn any image into 3D. This app facilitates the users to view their captured moments in 3D at any time. Seeing the precious moments in 3D can allow the users to relive those moments as they were without any hesitation. After transferring the images into 3D, the user can save the 3D version of the images.

Neth3D 360 Player


This is a new experience for the users, as it allows viewing 360-degree videos in 3D. 360 YouTube channel bundled with the app and user have access to YouTube search functions to find 360-degree videos. Additionally, iTunes synced videos also can play with the app.

Neth3D Games

The Neth3D games app turns the characters of mobile games into 3D characters. The user can engage with his or her games as in real life by using the Neth3D games app. The contents of the games are visible to the users with real pop-out and depth 3D effects. Without any wearables, users would have a fully immersive 3D gaming experience with the Neth3D tech-enabled games.

Neth3D for Facebook

Neth3D Facebook app listing all user uploaded images/videos in beautiful and user-friendly interfaces. Users can view videos during navigation or by fullscreen playing. All facebook albums and images are listing separately, and they can also view fullscreen or during navigation.

Neth3D Chat

It's the new place where you can have an amazing experience with your friends by chatting and sharing in 3D.


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