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NETH3D: An Absolute Tech Revolution

Now your iPhone can be converted to a 3D phone. You can now activate this hidden feature and watch 3D movies such as Avatar in real 3D, take 3D selfies and play 3D games in your iPhone. Just use the NETH3D mobile 3D upgrade kit with protective case to give your iPhone the ability to display in 3D. Experience revolutionary 3D imagery and videography from your smartphone when equipped with our cutting-edge 3D technology and bring to life a world that has never before been experienced in a brand new dimension! You can download and install the NETH3D apps from Appstore to experience the features described below.

Who Will Benefit From NETH3D INFINITI



All the users of mobile devices can view their multimedia material in 3D when using the NETH3D INFINITI, 3D multi media kit. Social media users can capture and share their selfies to view in 3D

NETH3D INFINITI Enables Users To View And Share Multimedia Content In Amazing 3D Similar To IMAX

Facebook users can view all multimedia content in 3D, capture and share their videos/selfies to be viewed in 3D on the iPhone/iPad.
YouTube users can view multimedia content in high quality 3D.
Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, Twitter, GoPro, Snapchat users will be able to create, watch and share content in 3D with Neth3D INFINITI Designer case. Users can view all multimedia content in 3D, capture and share their videos/selfies to be viewed in 3D on the iPhone/iPad.
All users will be able to create, watch and share content in 3D with Neth3D Screen in NETH3D INFINITI Designer case.


3D Movie Player


The 3D upgrade kit with protective case facilitates 3D viewing of most videos from social media and communication channels (photos and videos in devices’ gallery).

NETH3D Photo Viewer


View pictures in 3D with real 3D effects.

See Your Selfie in 3D


You can take self-portrait photographs with a 3D effect. This feature will enhance your selfie for a perfect selfie experience. No matter where you are, snapping a great-looking 3D photo will be quick and easy.

Neth3D for Facebook


Neth3D Facebook app listing all user uploaded images/videos in beautiful and user-friendly interfaces. Users can view videos during navigation or by fullscreen playing. All facebook albums and images are listing separately, and they can also view fullscreen or during navigation.

Pop-Out 3D Games


Play games in 3D, where the characters in the game seen to come out from the display screen.

NETH3D Camera


With the NETH3D technology on your phone, you can take pictures and videos in 3D

NETH3D Player VR360


NETH3D Player also comes with an inbuilt 3D 360° viewer. You can experience breathtaking, 3D 360 images/videos by using the 3D upgrade kit with your mobile device.

Neth3D Chat


It's the new place where you can have an amazing experience with your friends by chatting and sharing in 3D.

Our 3D Enabling Product Range

NETH3D upgrade kit comprises of easy to use back covers and multi-usage folio cover with a card-holder.

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Available Colors:


Scratch-Resistant Shiny Metallic Surface with Pearl Effect


The NETH3D protective case is scratch-resistant. Available in scratch-resistant 3DGold, 3DRose Gold, 3DSilver, 3DSpace Grey and 3DBlack.

For Many iPhone Models


We support iPhone 6, 6S, 6 Plus, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus models in the market.

Triple Protected 3D Enabled Designer Phone Cover


NETH3D designer case has triple protection. It consists of a soft case enclose by a hard cover with screen protecting front shock absorbers. Gap will eliminate the requirement of a screen protector.
Also the soft case can be separately use if required. Free scratch-resistant screen protector is included with each NETH3D INFINITI kit.

An Innovative Folding Designer Case which Holds the Device in Different Ways


Our innovative patented design is designed to support multiple viewing angles. It is easy to use and gives you comfortable 3D viewing experience without disturbances.


You must download our NETH3D apps from the App Store to activate 3D performance on your device. Together with our 3D screen and mobile app, you can
◉ NETH3D INFINITI is a designer 3D multimedia kit for mobile devices such as smartphones/iPhone, iPad and tablets
◉ Capture, record and share stills/videos and view them in 3D
◉ Preview/record and share real-time events in 3D
◉ Experience amazing 3D views without any wearables


The range of our apps come with the 3D screen will unlock the doors to new dimensions that you could only fantasize. Download our array of products and transform your daily mobile device into something you have never imagined.