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Neth3D Unveils a Game-Changing Mobile Phone-Cover, Featuring a Full 3D Camera

Neth3D @ CES. Technology had come of age past the times when it was believed one device could perform only one task. In keeping with this philosophy, Neth3D is proud to present a unique multifunctional phone cover equipped with cutting-edge 3D technology that allows you to take the mere protective use of phone covers to the next level.

Neth3D technology introduces a specialized, lightweight camera system with low power consumption. The dual camera system of the accessory has the ability to capture a vast array of images without the loss of pixels as it can focus on an entire area at once.

Neth3D is a phone cover, a 3D camera, a 3D Case transformer and a sharing gadget, all in one.

With Neth3D, you receive a detachable 3D camera unit, a 3Dscreen cum protector, a phone cover, a stylus and a mobile application, which is a complete unit that doesn't require the purchase of any other equipment. The detachable unit comes with the ability to be used on other devices.

Neth3D facilitates you to record stereoscopic (3D capable) real-time videos and to take stereoscopic still images. The images or videos captured can be instantly shared on social media without the aid of other complicated applications or devices. It boasts of two data transmission options: via an HDMI cable or Wi-Fi, for transmission into any monitoring device.

The Neth3D mobile device cover is available for several different models. Covers are available in White, Silver, Bronze, Gold, Orange, Pink, Blue, and many other colors. It is now available on Amazon. The Neth3D mobile application will be available for download for iOS versions.